ECOPACK Packaging Products Company Limited with it's factory Dongguan Gold Packaging Products Co.Ltd is an environmental outstanding enterprise with over 20 years of business experience in pulp moulding products and gift boxes.
We are pioneers in transforming traditional egg-carton material into retail packaging solutions for electronics, beauty products, medical instruments and other consumer goods. We have developed unique manufacturing capabilities and the ability to add color to the molded fiber material to enhance brand recognition, giving it a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish after-press molded fiber material.
The Company covers an area of 8,000 square meters with the USD 3 million investment,which equipped with advanced CNC machining equipments and professional engineering team.
Molded fiber is made from 100% paper and water. We manufacture its own molded pulp material in-house. We purchase recycled, imported and FSC paper to make it into a slurry with water and convert it into custom packaging. We aim to strengthen awareness of the public towards environmental protection. Pulp is easy to recover and recycle. It does not fumble quarantine in European Countries, the United States and other countries on the circulation, thus facilitating our exports.

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ISO 9001 certification MSDS certification
RoHS certification FSC certification